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From the most pointers to the most economical smartphones. One of the main pillars of this South Korean manufacturer is the breadth of its catalog, allowing each user to have a mobile Samsung adapted to your needs. The quality of your products has done the rest to consolidate the great success Samsung. . Read more

Más información sobre Samsung

The South Korean company was founded in 1938, and in its beginnings it was dedicated to the export of vegetables. Little by little, it diversified its business, and 30 years later Samsung Electronics, its electronics division, was born. Today it is one of the largest companies in the world and the consolidated leader in mobile sales.

Samsung is innovation. Their smartphones are at the forefront of technology because they include tools such as Samsung Pay, with which you can pay with your phone as if it were your credit card*. Some Galaxy also have next-generation 5G speed built in. Samsung phones have their own characteristic design, which allows them to be identified at a glance due to their simplicity and the quality of their materials.

All Samsung mobiles belong to the Galaxy family, so from the entry range for all audiences to the top of the range.

The Samsung mobiles that you can find in

- The Samsung Galaxy Z series is a range of high-end mobile phones that includes all of the brand's foldable models and its different generations, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

- Galaxy S: represents the high range of Samsung. Samsung made the leap to premium mobile manufacturing by using metal and glass in its high range, but it took the final step with the curved screens introduced a couple of generations ago. Innovative smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G or the Samsung Galaxy S22 range are world benchmarks and have revealed the potential of the Korean manufacturer.

- Galaxy A: we are dealing with low-middle range phones with premium designs and finishes. A step above both in materials and specifications, the Samsung Galaxy A are a safe value for those who want to take care of their pocket and at the same time enjoy the quality of a Samsung mobile. They are the first mid-range to receive IP68 certification, which guarantees that they are submersible. This, together with its Touchwiz customization layer, for many one of the best customization layers, in part due to how widespread Samsung is on the market, make them more than desirable smartphones.

- Galaxy Note: The biggest of Samsung. The phablets of this manufacturer have a digital pen, the S Pen, with which to take notes. The Galaxy Note 20 is the last of these smartphones prepared for any situation. If what you like are big phones, the Galaxy Note is what you are looking for. These phones enjoy the same specifications as the top of the range, the Galaxy S, but on a larger screen and with the inclusion of the S-PEN, an accessory that allows us to interact with our phone in a much more fluid way in writing tasks, drawing and games. You can also find the S22 Ultra, which has a built-in pencil.

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