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One of the most popular brands of computers and tablets is currently Lenovo. Your offer Tablets it is characterized by adapting to all pockets, and by providing devices that exceed the expectations of users more. Lenovo tablets are one of the best known of the moment. The equipment of this brand is distinguished by offering basic benefits without giving up a careful and modern design. They are usually models that bet for good value-price ratio, designed for users looking for a simple working tool or for more familiar use.  They have characteristics worthy of other premium tablets, but with quite competitive prices. In addition, you will find a good range to satisfy all types of users, even some exclusives with which you can have a smart speaker and a tablet on the same device.
Founded in 1984 by 11 engineers, Lenovo is today one of the references in consumer electronics, both in the PC segment and in the smartphone segment (suming its forces with Motorolaand tablets.  The signature's characteristic seal is perhaps versatility, since it has a wide catalogue that spans from some of the most economical Android terminals, to the most powerful Windows 10 hybrids at the moment. Example of this is his recent Lenovo Yoga 910, one of the first teams to mount the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors.
The company acquired the personal computer business IBM in 2005 and agreed to purchase your Intel-based server business in 2014. Lenovo entered the smartphone market in  2012 and since 2014 he was the largest provider of smartphones in mainland China. In 2014, the company purchased Motorola Mobility mobile phone manufacturer Google In 2017 it purchased the personal computer business Fujitsu for $157 million in order to ensure supplies of computer components and thus reduce costs.
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