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Alcatel Mobile is a multinational commercial brand specializing in mobile telephony, based in Shenzhen, China. Alcatel designs, develops, manufactures and sells products such as smartphones, smart watches, mobile broadband and tablets worldwide. It was created in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent in France and TCL Mobile Limited from China. Currently uses the name Alcatel as a corporate and commercial brand. Previously she was launched as Alcatel One Touch.
La historia de Alcatel muestra como un fabricante puede ir lentamente mejorando la calidad de sus modelos a través de la experiencia. Los primeros teléfonos de Alcatel de los que se tiene memoria estaban orientados al mercado de precios económicos, pero con el paso de los años la empresa se ha volcado al desarrollo de teléfonos de gama media con muy buenos resultados en cuanto a ventas y rendimiento. La modalidad de negocio y desarrollo de Alcatel parecen seguir una evolución escalonada. Cada año mejoran la calidad y características de sus teléfonos, pero siempre manteniendo precios bajos.

The story of Alcatel shows how a manufacturer can slowly improve the quality of its models through the experience. Alcatel's first phones to be remembered were aimed at the economic price market, but over the years the company has turned to the development of average range phones with very good results in sales and performance. The Alcatel business and development modality seem to follow a phased evolution. Every year they improve the quality and characteristics of their phones, but always maintaining low prices.

The mobiles are characterized by good resistance and durabilityas well as powerful batteries. They are the most economical in the market with technology Android.

Among the fan of smartphones that this French brand has, we find the Alcatel Idol, Alcatel Pop, Alcatel Pixi and Alcatel One Touch. They are touch phones with Android and some interesting features for their tight price range. In addition, there are classic Alcatel mobiles, without the special features of smartphones.
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