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However, Google’s search engine is the most popular page in the world’s Internet ranking, which results in attending to more than 1000 million search requests every day and requires business presence on almost the entire planet.

Google's founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who in 1996 studied postgraduate studies at Stanford University, where they created their first version of the famous search engine, whose initial name was BackRub. The following year they decided to rename it Google, playing with the mathematical term “gúgol” (equivalent to 10100), given the enormous amount of information on the network with which their program should deal.

On 4 September 1998, the Google Inc. company was founded, and on 27 September 1998 it was offered to the network its services as an online search engine, in a market until then co-opted by AltaVista (created in 1995).

The entrepreneurs had a closet full of servers (about 80 processors) and two HP-branded routers. Their success was such that in 2000 they were already the vanguard of the area and launched their online advertising system (Google AdWords) and your search bar or Google bar.

Since then the company would only grow and diversify.

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