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The ultra-resistant, rugged or simply all-terrain vehicles get that name for how robust they are. Thus, although as with any other terminal we can analyze them from the perspective of the features of the screen, hardware, optics or autonomy, their differential factor is that they are designed to support an exposure strikes, drops, particles and liquids above the rest.

If you need a mobile phone almost bulletproof, because you are used to outdoor or risk sports, if your profession involves exposure to heights and strikes, if you are always walking near the water... it is here when all-terrain or rugged mobile – from the rugged English – come into action. They are ideal devices for o or activities related to logistics, health, agriculture, construction, safety or for those who work in a factory.

We refer to these devices with a wide variety of names, the most common are all-terrain phones or all-terrain mobile phones, and if we go into something more technical,  roughed phones or rugged mobile phones, due to the appearance of the chassis. They are more shock-resistant, submersible, but there are no unbreakable or indestructible mobile phones. We always talk about mobile phones with a higher resistance than conventional phones, which are prepared for tough working or special conditions.

Whether you’re a business, a professional in the industry, or a business, you by we have a product that can fit your needs within the world rugged.

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