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This is one of the most growing brands in sales.Its practical designs and remarkable features make TCL a more than viable option.Discovered in By

Smartphones of the new brand TCL they have come to compete fully with the medium-sized mobile devices.The company, which already has a good reputation in the television sector, both in China and in other countries, has decided to take the world of mobile phones.For several years, it has manufactured terminals under the name of other best-known brands such as Alcatel and Blackberry.

Excellent quality-price ratioThe.This brand we place it within the middle range, for its construction materials and technical specifications, has several points in which it stands out for its quality, approaching the high-end mobile plus Premium.All the terminals come equipped with the Android operating system, which is also able to update to the latest versions of the same, so we don’t have to worry about having a mobile failed in a matter of months.

While the TCL Plex was the first of the devices with which the Chinese brand left footprint on the market for its peculiar design, which made it unique and original and above all for the disposal of its 3 back cameras and its crystallized finish, currently, and with the new generation of mobile phones with the series TCL 20, TCL 205, TCL 30, etc, the Asian brand offers everything the best medium-ranging devices should have.

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