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Apple was founded in 1976 and launched the iphone in 2007. Steve Jobs introduced what looked like a mix of iPod and a smartphone. Today, iPhones have become a hallmark for many people. Since January 2010 there is also the iPad, a new device with functions similar to those of the iPhone and iPod but with more powerful hardware. Apple has always been characterised by quality and innovation, not only in its electronic devices but also in its corporate identity. The apple logo is one of the most recognizable emblems in the world Apple one of the most valuable companies. .what.

Another notable feature of this brand is its high safety. Apple it is responsible for having a highly supervised operating system to provide its customers with more peace of mind than with products of another brand. Perfection in design and material selection is quickly apparent. Good quality is another of the many advantages Apple. What. The synchronization of Apple it has been, since its inception, one of the main flags of the brand. It provides greater convenience and ease of file sharing.

Apple it's been making a difference with other mobile phone manufacturers for years. Them iPhone They have their own operating system and exclusive applications. They are complete mobiles high with amazing and highly optimized performance. If you're a bitten apple fan, the mobile Apple iPhone is your smartphone. Unlike Android, iOS is a closed operating system restricted only to iPhones Apple. Since the smartphone catalog Apple is constituted by high-end mobile, the system is highly optimized for these terminals. In addition, the App Store offers an extensive listing free applications.

On the other hand, iPhone models stand out for their styling design, which many manufacturers try to imitate. The brand Apple also incorporates avant-garde functions such as 3D Touch, a technology that distinguishes the pressure applied on the screen; or True Tone which automatically regulates the brightness of the screen.

Apple is a very popular brand that, today, already has hundreds of products. That is why one of the main advantages of buying products Apple is the great variety there to choose from. There are so many models, both mobile and other devices, that a much more open range of prices has been created. Buy products Apple Cheap isn't that hard these days. You can see prices iPhone in our catalogue and buy your iPhone at the best price.

The smartphone catalog Apple It's easy to understand. iPhones are numbered by generation, so an iPhone X is newer than an iPhone 8 and an iPhone 13 is newer than an iPhone XR. In the previous versions, between two iPhones with different numbering a S model is released, with the same look but with better specifications. That is, between the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7 we find an iPhone 6s.
But the American brand decided to change the strategy and currently differentiates its models with Plus versions, such as iPhone 8 Plus; or Pro and Pro Max versions, like iPhone 13 Proor the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This new way of calling your smartphones, we first saw it with the iPhone XS Max. These terminals offer better performance, more inches screen, more RAM and better battery. If you like big mobiles, iPhone Plus or Max, they're a choice that won't let you down. At the same time, Apple also released cheaper special versions such as iPhone C or compacts iPhone SE. Recently, you can also buy the last iPhone SE 2022 at the best price.

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