The Present and Future
of Mobile Telephony:
Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
and its Revolutionary
Galaxy AI

In the fast-paced world of mobile technology, Samsung has taken a step forward with the launch of its new Galaxy S24 series, marking not only the debut of impressive smartphones, but also the incorporation of the innovative Galaxy AI. What exactly is Galaxy AI and why should you get excited about it? Stay with Celularb2b to discover the exciting features and capabilities that this artificial intelligence brings to your mobile experience.

Vivimos en una era digital donde los smartphones se han convertido en extensiones esenciales de nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, el almacenamiento limitado puede ser un desafío. Para abordar este problema, hemos recopilado una serie de consejos prácticos que te ayudarán a optimizar el espacio en tu dispositivo y garantizar un rendimiento óptimo.

What is Galaxy AI and why is it so special?

Galaxy AI is not just another app, it is a deep integration of artificial intelligence directly into the key functions of your Samsung phone. Unlike other AIs that operate through external apps, Samsung has chosen to bring artificial intelligence directly to your device to power a range of practical, everyday functions. At the Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung introduced Galaxy AI as a bold bet to address real-world situations and make AI more accessible.

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Main Galaxy AI Features in the New Galaxy S24

1. Circle to Search: Developed in collaboration with Google, this feature allows you to search for any item or image on the screen. Whether you are viewing interesting content on TikTok or a photo on social networks, simply select the item and get instant search results.

2. Real-time Voice Call Translation: Breaking down language barriers, Galaxy AI translates voice calls in real time. Now you can communicate by phone with people who speak different languages without worrying about language barriers.

3. Interpreter Mode: For face-to-face situations, the Interpreter Mode translates what you say in real time on the screen. It facilitates communication with people who speak different languages, either by speaking or typing.

4. Keyboard AI Translator: Integrated into the Samsung keyboard, this feature allows you to translate in real time as you type. It also offers grammar and style suggestions to improve your text.

5. Handwritten Text Analysis: With the S-Pen (S24 Ultra) in the notes app, Galaxy AI analyzes and transcribes handwritten text, providing summaries and suggestions.

6. Chat Assist: Perfect your conversational tones to avoid misunderstandings. AI can differentiate between formal and informal messages, providing more accurate communication.

7. Note Assist: Integrated into Samsung Notes, this feature generates automatic summaries and creates templates to simplify your notes, facilitating personal organization.

8. Transcript Assist: Using artificial intelligence and text-to-speech technology, it transcribes, summarizes and translates voice recordings, saving you time and effort.

9. Google's Circle to Search: Galaxy S24 features Google's innovative Circle to Search, a new form of search that allows users to discover more about any object on screen with a simple gesture.

10. Photo and Video Editing with Galaxy AI: From enhancing photos to creating generative wallpapers, Galaxy AI offers advanced editing tools to make your images and videos stand out.

When will Galaxy AI come to your Samsung?

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is the first to receive Galaxy AI along with the One UI 6.1 personalization layer. Models include the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S9+, and Galaxy Tab S9. The update is scheduled to arrive during the first half of 2024.

Samsung has emphasized that many Galaxy AI features will be available on these devices, emphasizing the capabilities of the Exynos 2400 processor for AI. However, some features could be exclusive to the S24 family and later models.

In short, Galaxy AI redefines your mobile experience, bringing artificial intelligence to your everyday life in a practical and exciting way. From removing language barriers to advanced editing features, the Galaxy S24 series stands as a testament to Samsung's vision for an innovation-driven future - get ready to live life more easily with Galaxy AI!

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