Guide to buying mobile phones
for the elderly:
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Buying a mobile phone for a senior citizen can be challenging. Generations new to the digital world are often faced with complications they don't quite understand and just want to communicate with family and friends.

For this reason, at Celular B2B we present a practical guide to buy a basic mobile phone for the elderly, in which we analyze all the points to take into account when buying the best phone for your grandfather or grandmother. Do not miss it.

What to keep in mind when buying a mobile phone for the elderly

Each person has slightly different priorities when choosing a smartphone. How you will use it, how often you will use it, and what you are willing to pay influence the final decision on which phone to buy.

When looking for a smartphone for older users, there are some general aspects that are important to keep in mind.

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Screen size

There is no doubt that, in the last ten years, smartphones have not stopped increasing in size. The size of the screen is an important factor when buying a phone for the elderly, since it allows them to view the contents effortlessly.

A larger screen makes it easier to view media content like movies and videos, as well as apps with prominent buttons for those who need extra help interacting with their device.

The goal is to get the largest, highest quality screen possible without making the smartphone too heavy to carry around. Currently, the screen sizes of smartphones range from 4.7 to 6.7 inches.

Simple interface

With more and more technology in our smartphones, an intuitive home screen and user experience are crucial. Finding the apps to make a call, send a WhatsApp or log into Chrome should take just a few seconds if the interface is easy to use.

The interface must be simple so that older people can easily navigate and use the phone. Screens should have large buttons, an intuitive interface, light colors, and well-organized menus to avoid complications.

In this way, older users will be able to obtain information quickly and access multimedia content without too many problems.

Operating system

The two mobile operating systems par excellence are Android and iOS. It's hard to come up with a recommendation for older people, as it depends on your tech skills and preferences.

iOS generally offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, which can be useful for older people with low levels of technological prowess. On the other hand, Android has more variety of apps available that might help to better meet your specific needs.

Accessibility settings and specific features for seniors

All current smartphones include a minimum of accessibility options, although the details vary from brand to brand.

Most models offer speech-to-text capabilities, hearing aid assistance, and the ability to change the font size for easier reading. In addition, many allow you to record short messages similar to voice messages and send them by SMS or WhatsApp instead of writing them.

Other extra functions designed for older people can be the following:

  • Emergency response and speed dial functions.
  • Hearing aid compatibility.
  • Voice assistance features.
  • Face recognition.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions and weight of the phone are essential for the elderly as it allows them to handle it comfortably. A lighter device will be much easier to carry for long periods of time, while a larger screen will make content more visible for users with vision problems. Price


Price is also an important element in any purchase, as a person is limited in the amount of money they can spend. Currently, there are many brands that offer affordable terminals with good performance and functionality.

Is a basic phone or a smartphone better?

It depends on the individual needs of the older person. A basic phone is very useful for those who just want to make calls or send messages, as it offers a simpler and more direct user experience.

On the other hand, smartphones provide greater versatility and interactivity with the use of remote applications and services, such as cloud storage, facial identification, etc., and are better for older people who want to stay connected and have access to updated information through from Internet.

So far our guide to buying a basic phone for the elderly. Do not forget to take a look at the Celular B2B website to find the perfect mobile for you and your needs.

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